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Daily Course Update


Updated (3/24/20 @ 1:17pm )

Due to the regulations and mandate set in place on March 19th @ 6pm by the State of California we have Closed the Golf, Restaurant, Sports Club and Bungalow (this now makes us fully closed) portions of our facility until further notice.  The golf course is closed and not available to play at this time.  Please understand that any member or individual who chooses to continue to golf unsanctioned will be assuming all personal liability. Since we do not have the resources to patrol and enforce this, if authorities ask you to leave, or worse issue a ticket, we will agree and will cooperate with authorities completely. 

Since we are closed for the foreseeable future we have decided to move up our aerification dates.  Instead of waiting to punch on April 5th, 6th and 7th, we will now be punching on Thursday the 26th and hopefully have it done by the 28th.  This way we should be mostly healed by the time we re-open our doors and course. 

  The Copper Grille will also now be closed fully.  We attempted a lunch and dinner service however we did not receive enough business to warrant continuing the service. Thank you for your understanding.  Be safe everyone.   


Daily Course Info

Tuesday, March 24th,  2020

  Golf Shop

(209) 785-3700


Today we will start off Hole #1 with the first tee time at 8:00 am

Please check in at least a half hour before your starting time

Today's Pin Location is #X

Please enter 90 degrees from cart path to your ball. This spreads out the traffic so the grass can handle it better. Carts are still NOT ALLOWED in the long native areas.  Please keep all carts out of this area. 

Driving Range


On Wednesdays the range is closed from 10:00 – 2:30 for maintenance.  This will also occasionally happen on days when the entire course is closed for a large tournament.

NO Beverage cart is on the course today. 

To reach the Copper Grille to place an order please call 209-785-7400